Shaquan Joiner

Shaquan Joiner

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Phone: 347.286.5863

“ I would love to walk you through your next real estate move. Please feel free to stop by the office, call or email me to discuss any of your real estate concerns. My clients are always priority.”


Shaquan is a resident of Queens, NY for many years and he truly admires everything NYC offers. He is a father of his little girl and truly enjoys the early morning walks in the park, driving through such diverse communities and meeting people for the first time, indulging in great conversation that allows him to know that anything is possible and opportunities truly exist.

He found the need to assist homeowners through their home selling and buying process as things are constantly changing in our normal lives. As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, he has truly been able to over exceed his clients’ request. What a wonderful feeling to see such great smiles on faces of folks during their transitioning times.